17 November 2006

In a hurry

Did I say Coronda? I meant Concordia. I'm heading for Concordia, Entre Ríos, by the lovely Uruguay River. I've packed a few things including a suit, since this is for a wedding party, but I'll be arriving 12 hours before so I think I'll have time to check out the scenery. Not that Concordia has a lot of it, I'm told, but there must be something. In short, don't expect me blogging from there, or until Monday. (The van that was supposed to take me there failed me! I'm taking a bus that will take me across the completely homogeneous landscape of Entre Ríos, along a highly twisted route, stopping at each and every town, and taking 7 hours for a 5-hour trip. Sigh. And I can't sleep in buses...)

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