30 November 2006

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Since there is no energy crisis, today's blackout must have been caused by other factors... Maybe a rat chewed on a powerline or something. That has happened. Whatever the reason, 43,000 people were left without power today when part of a power plant in the downtown exploded around 10 PM. Destiny had such a fine aim at me that this came more or less around the time when I was just about to conduct some business on floor #15 of a certain building. News: sedentary work is bad for your physical fitness. If you haven't been jogging or otherwise exercising your legs and your aerobic capacity, climb the stairs slowly or you might die amid painful panting.

Again, this is not part of any hypothetical "energy crisis". It's just a coincidence that blackouts are becoming more and more frequent lately, and even worse as summer approaches and people start turning on their air conditioning. Really.

Seriously: At most, we must concede that the power company guys' denial is not groundless. Part of this is not caused by a higher demand of electric power, but by sheer neglect and incompetence.


  1. Anonymous19:49

    Lord - it looks like you're in for a helluva summer - over here stateside whenever there have been periods of economic stagnation coupled with what newscasters say with whispering fear of gloom and doom in their voices - of predictions of a "long hot summer" that's usually a code word for anticipated riots and civil unrest - I hope the same does not bode well for our beloved Rosario! Roberto Jose

  2. We had an afternoon of black out last week and I threw away milk, cream and other perishable stuff known to cause digestive problems if inproperly stored. It suddenly dawned on me that we might also be in for a long summer with cases of food poisoning.



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