06 November 2006

Packed weekend

Well, I missed the photo safari at the Parque Independencia organized by the Rosarigasinos, but things turned out different. I got a call from a friend asking me to gather at the comic-scifi-anime convention Leyendas in order to, among other things, put our heads together to decide on some details for Pato's bachelor party, and on our transportation two weeks from now for his wedding party (to be celebrated in uncomfortably faraway Coronda). The latest is especially important because there's only one bus per day that goes there, only one of us has a car, and in any case nobody likes to drive three hours during a hot spring Sunday with a hangover. Such is the nature of wedding parties.
Furry and foxy
As it turned out, one of the three missed the appointment and Leyendas was rather boring, so I left in mid-afternoon, as soon as my friend and I came to the conclusion that we had no clue what to do about the above issues, and after a brief freak-sighting tour, which included a rather unpleasant furry surprise (see picture, right).

Anyway, we spotted a lot of idle teenagers and older, usually male, shabby and with untended beards, and a few girls (they're fewer every year in Leyendas; boys, you must realize you're doing something wrong!). The atypical attraction, a girl that comes every year to the costume/cosplay contest wearing nothing but the lower part of a bikini and with her skin entirely painted in green (or Mystique-like blue), did not appear this time.

As I said, given this desolate outlook, and still fearing I might run into the guy with a fox tail coming out of his pants, I left, after watching the incredibly goofy pilot/trailer of the upcoming live-action Aquaman movie, which I'm sure will be a box hit, since it combines all the clichés that the public loves, with the blond pretty-face surfer/actor, the female partner that reluctantly falls in love with the hero, and the magical negro tough mentor.

All in all it wasn't a loss since I also got to take pictures of the tents and kiosks of the Colectividades, but that will have to wait a bit. The issue of the bachelor party was solved quickly enough... by going along completely without any sort of planning (don't ask), and as for the wedding, the groom turned out to have kindly booked a Trafic for twenty (well, not actually a Trafic but a van -- but that's what we call anything more than a car and less than a bus) which will come fetching us and then, after the party, pick us up to take us back to Rosario.

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