01 November 2006


October is already behind us. I feel it was gone very fast. Might have been because I was very busy. It's only two months until year's end and of course, many people start reflecting on broken plans and unfulfilled dreams at this time of the year, just before they let that aside to start making new plans and dreaming up new fantasies. I'm trying to stay out of that... November is already too much work.

  • I have to go to the ATM to get my money. Woo, money! Governor Obeid just announced a one-time AR$300 supplement to state workers to be paid in the second week of December with the aguinaldo. I'm very glad and thankful for this absolutely non-electoralist measure.
  • Colectividades starts this Friday 3th (the ethnic/immigrant communities in Rosario and its area put up tents and stands in the Flag Memorial Park and display their diversity... mostly by selling overpriced food). I think I've successfully dodged the hints addressed to me by my Japanese sensei with regards to helping (for free) on Saturday night at the Japanese tent, but I still need to decide if I'll skip the party altogether, or if I'll go sample some mass-made yakisoba or deliciously liver-kicking tempura.
  • I need to study Japanese. A lot. I'm going to Buenos Aires to take the 日本語能力試験 in a month. I don't like studying. I believe in osmotic learning -- I try to stay close to native Japanese.
  • I don't need a tan, and I don't want a tan, really, but I do need to work out before summertime exposure. For the girls. (Truth: I'm not going to work out -- I'm lazy and it's too hot for that already.)
  • Next Saturday I'm having (as scheduled) a photo safari, an asado, a bachelor party, and a birthday party. One or two of those things will overlap the others and I don't want to leave anyone out. Damn. (In case you were wondering, no, I have nothing else fun to do in the rest of the week; that's the really bad part.)
I have some more nagging to do, but... I'm in a hurry now.


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  2. Surprise, surprise!
    What's going on?
    Muy raro che, supongo que se le está ablandando el corazon.

  3. Best of luck with your exam, those kanji could be tricky :-)


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