20 December 2007

Summer time

28 ºC
40 ºC

Summer seems to be arriving, finally. After the coldest winter in decades, and a cool spring with lots of sunny breezy days, it seems tomorrow, December 21, will be hot as hell, as befits the official day of the start of summer (the actual beginning of summer, so to speak, is the solstice, which this year falls on December 22 — at about 3 AM in Argentina, if you want to know that much).

Yours truly is not a man of extremes. I didn't like last winter, and I don't think I'll like this summer with tropical temperatures, even if it comes with sunny, comparatively clear days and bearably cool nights and mornings. The fact that I don't have a swimming pool and/or a beach nearby where I can spend the whole afternoon in submersion and possibly drinking fruit cocktails only makes it worse. The Patagonic summer I'm fleeing to in less than three weeks should be drier, but not necessarily less torrid.

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