29 December 2007


Just a few brief notes before I go spend my Saturday in the sun beside someone else's swimming pool in a place cooler than hellish Rosario.

First, I've uploaded a couple of short videos of Fito Páez's concert at the Flag Memorial (Fito Páez en el Monumento, and again Fito Páez en el Monumento) to YouTube, so you can see a bit of what it was like. Check them out. They're fragments, not whole songs.

Second, I've replied to one comment at the Daylight Messing Time post regarding the absurd time zone change starting tomorrow, with further info on the government's energy saving "plan" (the word is a stretch).

Third, I've also replied to comments regarding transport subsidies and prices unrelated to reality in Argentina. Since this is a past post, you may miss my carefully-crafted, thoughtful reply if you don't check it out again.

Lastly, there may or may not be an "old year's balance" as in 2006; I can't promise anything. So in case we don't see each other until 2008, have a Happy New Year!


  1. Pablo -

    Well I guess somebody has to say it -
    明けましておめでとうございます。 And of course 本年もどうぞよろしくお願いします。


  2. Anonymous11:58


  3. The above anonymous comment is a link to an article in Spanish about DST in Europe. Anonymous also wrote a comment with a link to the Spanish Wikipedia article on DST, which I haven't published.

    Anonymous, supongo que eres español o hablas castellano - por favor, explica en el idioma que prefieras cuál es la idea de estos links, qué quieres decir con ellos.


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