24 December 2007

Palacio Minetti (almost)

Last Saturday, after the Year's End evening event at the Flag Memorial, the Rosarigasinos were supposed to be climbing to the roof of the Palacio Minetti, an impressive Art Déco building on Córdoba St., to take pictures from there. There was a delay, somebody wasn't available to let us in, so we went and had some coffee at the Palace Garden shopping mall nearby (if you come to Rosario, don't — Palace Garden's coffee was cold, watered down, and late).

Rosarigasinos en el Palace Garden (by pablodf)

About 40 minutes later, we gathered before the Palacio Minetti and entered the lobby. The doorman then came down and proceeded to tell us that no, we were not allowed to come up to the roof. There had been some confusion, all sorts of bureaucratic thingies would have to be written down, yadda yadda. No marvelous rooftop photos for us. We were left with some shots of the front door and the elevator doors.

Palacio Minetti - Front doorPalacio Minetti - Elevator door

There were some other pictures later, and some light lunch at Veracruz, and then mate at El Cairo... But that was it. Sunday was rain, rain and more rain, but Monday (just as I'm posting this) seems to be heading for a very nice sunny day and a cool Christmas Eve.

For you who believe in those things, have a merry Christmas. The rest of us, take this holiday as a good excuse to get in touch and enjoy a few hours with your loved ones, and to exercise tolerance when meeting your inevitable not-so-loved ones. See you later!


  1. Anonymous11:07

    For you who believe in those things, have a merry Christmas.

    Nice. Next time, don't bother.

  2. Wow, I hope that's not the Christmas spirit talking...

  3. Anonymous12:00

    Condescending atheists who are dismissive of those who believe in Christmas are disqualified ...

  4. Well, even if you don't believe, have a happy and fruitful Holiday season and enjoy your time with your close ones.

    Also, have a happy and prosperous 2008, Pablo.

    Regards from Waterloo, Canada

  5. Gracias, Gabriel. Espero que a vos no te haya ofendido ese detalle que no quiso ser ni siquiera sarcástico. Felicidades para vos y tu familia.

    Fabio, you're getting a proper response after I'm done enjoying my version of Christmas, if only because leaving your ignorance unchallenged would be against my ethics.

  6. Pablo, no me pareció ni sarcástico ni ofensivo.

    Yo llegué a mi casa anoche a las 23:50, después de haber estado cantando en misa a las 19:00 y luego otra vez a las 22:00, así que podés dar una idea de cómo viene la Navidad por casa... No seré el más creyente, pero para mí la Navidad dista de ser el tiempo de comer como cerdo, emborracharse y tirar cohetes. Mucha gente lo ve así, sin embargo, y no me queda otra que respetarlos.

    Con respecto a los otros comentarios que tuviste, me sigue sorprendiendo ver cómo hay gente que se siente capacitada para descalificar, subidos a un pedestal de arrogancia. a aquellos que a su juicio descalificaron a otros...

    Algo así como 'vos no tenés autoridad para hacerlo, pero yo sí'. Muchas ganas de andar buscándole el pelo al huevo.

    Qué raro comenta en español aquí! :-)


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