23 December 2007

A night of performers

No, this is not the same post as last weekend's... It's just that weekends are always full of culture these days. This time it was a Year's End event at the Flag Memorial, funded by a financial group. Friday was also Summer Day, although the southern hemisphere summer solstice fell on Saturday, December 22 this year, some 3 hours after the end of the event.

Multitud expectante (by pablodf)

The show featured the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra, about 100 perfoming artists (for the dance parts), and 2 presenters who I would've just called "unnecessary" if they hadn't been so annoying. First there were a few melodies from old films' soundtracks (such as the overture of Gone with the Wind), then some tango dancing, then musicals (from Roxanne in the modern version of Moulin Rouge to some good ol' New York, New York), a lyrical gala, and a reprisal of the Cantemos la Navidad event. Save for the musicals, it was all very nice. The lighting and the choreography could've been better, but in any case musicals are not my thing. Tango dance, the same. The lyrical part was simply spotless.

Pictures follow. They came out much clearer than the ones I'd taken previously, because I used a tripod Marisa lent me (which she in turn got from her brother). I just set it up before me and shot bursts of six or five consecutive images at a time so I could pick the good ones.

There were fireworks later, but I had no time to set the camera correctly and decided to enjoy them with my eyes directly and let others take the pictures.

Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Rosario

Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Rosario

Tangueros (by pablodf)


Hello Dolly (by pablodf)

Musical (by pablodf)

100 artistas (by pablodf)

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