11 December 2007

Cantemos la Navidad 2007

The picture is from my fellow photographer Beto. I wasn't among the crowd at the time, but sitting on the opposite wall flanking the courtyard of the Flag Memorial, last night. The people with the star-shaped candles are singing along "Silent Night", ending a night of Christmas carols that traditionally joins a professional chorus and the public every year.

Yes, yours truly was there singing Christmas carols, along with 12,000 other people, invocations to the eternal grace of (the non-existant) God and all, and enjoying every moment of it. I blame my girlfriend, she blames me. Truth be told, it was a fabulous night with great vibes, so there's really nothing to blame.

Cantemos la Navidad is an annual event, sponsored by a well-known local insurance company and has enjoyed popularity for almost 20 years (if I recall correctly). The director of the choir, Cristián Hernández Larguía, is a 86-year-old man with the energy of a teenager. He has the choir sing once, and then gets the people to sing along, aided by music sheets and lyrics handed to the attendees as they arrive at the site of the event.

I enjoy singing, though I prefer doing it while no-one's listening (or, as in this case, when everybody else is also singing). I would've sung praises to something other than imaginary holy virgins and their supposedly divine offspring, but anyway, those myths are not meant to be taken seriously in most parts of the civilized world, even in Christmas, anymore, and the idea was just having fun. Joining a vibrant song with thousands of fellow human beings really brings up your spirit.

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