24 November 2006

Good news in short

Last week's news are like a parade of horrors, and I haven't mentioned half of them. So we need some good news.

  • Tomorrow it will be (according to the National Meteorological Service) hot as hell in Rosario, but Sunday it will be cool (cooler than spring should be, but let that be a lesson on how we mustn't put away coats and long-sleeve shirts).
  • Argentina will earn more from foreign tourists coming to the country than it loses from Argentinians spending money abroad for the first time this year, since those statistics are compiled (1992).
  • In a brave display of imagination that we almost never witness in a politician, Deputy Mónica Prato of Córdoba will protest the lack of compliance of Córdoba Province's government with the national law that mandates free (as in beer and as in speech) tubal ligation for all women. She will do this by going to two public hospitals and requesting that her tubes are tied, threatening to go to court if her request is not granted. Good for her.
  • Yesterday the sky turned ominously dark and people got scared. Everybody drove their cars under cover and lowered their blinders, waiting for the coup de grace..., but it didn't hail again.
  • Bailando por un sueño will have a "blond vs. brunette" dancing duel live with Eliana Guercio and Evangelina Carrozzo, which is good news for some, but more importantly, I can watch another channel -- I don't have to stupefy my brains to endure such a horrid display of bad taste, and I can see non-paid girls far more beautiful and less disgracefully slutty than those two by just taking a walk downtown.
That's it. It's a bit sad that I had to look around for good news (yes, there's that journalist maxim that says "good news is no news"), but I did collect enough for one blog post. Cheers!


  1. Despite the fact that you had a rather tiny pool from which to draw the 'news' this time you managed to keep it interesting nonetheless...so thanks!! :) I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your Blog, by the way, it is quite interesting...I live in the U.S., but my family is from Nogoya, believe it or not (!), so you provide a nice 'nearby' perspective of an area I am familiar with. Anyway, keep on blogging!!

    -A fan in Florida

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I get bored at TV-style good news ("baby elephant born in Buenos Aires Zoo") and I love bad endings in movies, but we all need to gather good vibes from time to time. :)


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