07 September 2006

Northwest District Center

The new Northwest Municipal District Center of Rosario is almost ready. Rosario3 colourfully notes that "there's already a set date to uncork the champagne". That would be 18 September. But yours truly just happened to pass by the place, where the workers are figuratively taking the last shreds of wrapping paper off the facilities, and boldly invaded the property to snap this picture:

Not very impressive, especially when you compare it to Villa Hortensia, but the neighbourhood is somehow not suited to mansions (the nicer part is like London at the height of the Industrial Revolution, though without the smog). A district center is like a small town hall. Since the city is rather big, many people find it easier to go on foot or by bike to a place where they can pay their bills or get free primary-level medical attention a few blocks away from home, instead of having to take a bus and spend 30 or 40 minutes in it to get to an overcrowded Town Hall.

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