27 September 2006


On yet more news about disgusting old men, the papers report that senator and former president Carlos Menem has been admitted in a hospital due to an episode of hypoglycemia. He was in La Calera, Córdoba, just starting to give a speech to a group of followers, and in the typical megalomaniac fashion we've all learned to love, he was saying: "There were two pharaohs of ancient Egypt. One lived 17 years, which is not my case; the other, Ramesses II, lived 104 years; I intend to top that."

True, that was more probably senility than megalomania, but no official statement has yet been made as to whether Menem is already senile or simply went incoherent after 7 years of believing he's still the coolest politician and most desirable man on Argentina ever.

For the record, there were a few more than two pharaohs in Egypt, and Ramesses II lived 90-92 years. For Menem to live that long would be an accomplishment indeed, though it'd be better if his dignity survived into his 80s. Oh, wait, that's too late!

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  1. Anonymous11:00

    A friend of mine told me Saturday that he thinks Menem got confused with an old Argentine ad for the Magiclick (it's a metal rod that generates a spark at the end to light gas burners). In the ad, they claimed the Magiclick would last for 104 years. Who knows where they came up with that number, but Menem's senility really shows with that :)


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