15 September 2006

Girls making out

What's the problem with that? Some people don't tolerate passion. The other day two lesbian girls were banned from expressing their love in public, apparently because they were a bit too passionate... The guy who runs the Allison pool&pub in Rosario decided that Jessica and Natalia were putting up too much of a show and told them "It's OK with me, but none of that in here." The girls left and a few days later they filed an accusation of sexual discrimination against Allison's manager Ariel González, besides repeating their story to the media. Jessica, 23, says she barely "touched [Natalia's] lips"; González says they were a los chupones mal (you can't translate that, but you can imagine -- you probably are imagining, aren't you?). Since there were other (heterosexual) couples making out in public in the pub, the girls rhetorically asked, "why them and not us"? (Jessica spoke to the local news programme De 12 a 14 -- check the video) .

Now J & N are fighters. They don't want money. They don't want the pub to be fined. They want the authorities to force the pub to post a sign at the entrance, "This pub does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender", they want a public apology, and they want people to gather for a besuqueada -- a "kiss demonstration" -- in a busy place, for example in front of Allison during peak attendance hours. Just let us guys know in advance!

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