15 September 2006

Crónica TV

This is one of those things that everybody knows about in a particular place, and nobody elsewhere... like a national in-joke. This is Crónica TV, the openly morbo-sensationalist channel that proudly presents every piece of news with big, white or yellow block letters on a rabid red background, with the loudest part of The Stars and Stripes Forever playing for extra effect; and this is Crónica TV at its best -- Placas Rojas.

Placas Rojas is a forum where people post the most ridiculous/funny/morbid examples of Crónica's news plaques and footage. Things like HUMAN FINGER FOUND ON THE STREET, or (covering a union protest in a soap factory) ANGER AT FEDERAL SOAP - THEY'RE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. Or this, on a judge demanding a large bail from ex-President Menem: OYARBIDE SCREWED MENEM. Or this one, which became famous as a symbol of casual racist discrimination: DEADLY ACCIDENT IN FLORES, TWO PEOPLE AND ONE BOLIVIAN KILLED.

Don't miss this, even if you don't understand the language. One sometimes wonders if the folks at Crónica are smoking something funny, or their air conditioning is connected to a nitrous oxide supply...

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