06 September 2006

Government without energy

Sometimes one doesn't know whether one should laugh or cry. Or go outside with a machine gun and nail the folks at the energy company.

The top guy at EPE has kindly let us know that, unfortunately, this year we'll have problems with the supply of electric energy during the summer. (I can only guess that this guy is either high or living in a cave, since we've had supply shortages and blackouts for as long as I can remember, mostly in the summer but by no means only in the summer, so this is not news.) But not to worry! We have it solved! The master plan devised by the state energy company of the province of Santa Fe rests on these solid pillars:

  1. If you're a large energy user, we advise you to get a generator of your own. Otherwise you'll fall first when the grid stops working.
  2. Do try to set your air conditioning at 25 degrees C, not at 18. (If you're part of the 90% of people who don't have air conditioning, well, you'll melt -- but at least be glad you're not contributing to the energy crisis.)
  3. In any case, we have a cool system of colored alerts. Green means it's all OK (expect the usually lousy service you've been having for the last 20 years). Yellow means you're being naughty; sit in the dark for a while. You'll never see orange because the power will have gone off by then; get some batteries. Red means the whole thing has collapsed; join the looters in the streets. Look for candles, matches, wooden furniture, rice and noodles.
In addition to that, EPE has a plan to invest on machines to increase supply. This plan is not, I repeat, not the same investment-and-works plan that EPE has been announcing every year for two decades without visible results. This is a serious plan, not some pre-electoral year made-up plan. Believe EPE. EPE is your friend.

Better save and post this before I'm cut off.

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