14 July 2008

My pictures of Rosario

Ignorado (by pablodf) A punto de (by pablodf)
Frutero (by pablodf) Paquetes de esperanza (by pablodf)

Eight months ago (in November 2007) I had the good luck to sign up for a photography workshop organized by the Firma & Odilo Estévez Decorative Art Museum (I mentioned it in passing back then). The goal was twofold: to observe and discuss pictures of old-time downtown Rosario, and to do guided photo tours and take pictures of our own. Then you had the option of submitting pictures for selection, to be part of a joint exhibition. It was planned for April. It was delayed, of course, but the guys at the museum let us all know that they were working on it, and a few days ago I received an e-mail announcing that the exhibition will be held in August at the Center Municipal District Center (the name looks like a joke, but it's the District Center building for the Center District). My pictures are the ones above (click to enlarge).

That workshop and those pictures hold a special meaning to me. It's not just the first time somebody else selects some my pictures to be displayed somewhere. It's that, while on this workshop and while walking down those streets, I met Marisa and talked to her for the first time. Three of her own pictures will share the exhibition room with mine. And to think that we didn't know each other at all when we took them...


  1. Anonymous13:00

    I looked at a lot of your pictures, but since I lived in Funes, I hardly recognize any of the sites, but some, I do. Rosario Norte is missing the roof, among other things; the end of the Arroyo Ludueña looks somewhat different, but I was most impressed—as it were—by the pathetic state of La Buena Vista, an unavoidable point in the City when you rode on la L if you were going to Rosario from Funes on the bus back then.

  2. I've posted this same announcement on Sin calma. More pictures will appear over there than here, so please take a look. Y además allá podés comentar en castellano. :)


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