11 July 2008

It's a frackin' cracker! (from Pharyngula)

I'm an avid reader of PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula since I discovered it. I don't know how he manages to produce so much content. I'm often lost on his explanations of the complexities of the evolutionary development of weird microscopic organisms and such, but I usually learn something from them. When he makes fun of religion, he makes me laugh. And when he unleashes his wrath — he's actually contagious.

After reading his report of the latest episode of senseless religious intolerance and unadultered religious stupidity (IT'S A FRACKIN' CRACKER!) I felt briefly overwhelmed by the certainty that humanity will never get rid of faith. But then I thought, the only way to deal with these things is make fun of the fanatics and expose their inanity. Well, English is spoken by many people around the world, but Spanish is also strong, and it's spoken in most of the countries where the hateful cult denounced by PZ is the majority belief. So I went to Alerta Religión and wrote Amenazas de muerte por una galletita ("Death threats over a cookie").

English and Spanish are down. Now we need it in Mandarin and Hindi, I guess...

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