27 January 2008

Back from the south

Here I am! After a three-week break I'm ready to blog again... sort of. I have so many things to recount and so many pictures to display, I don't know how I'm going to handle it. "Begin by the beginning" just doesn't work.

So this is how I'm doing it. First, a general review, and then a few individual posts, and then (if possible) a wrapup. I'll be off the local news/comment topics for a while, but this is worth it. I intend to write a post facto travel diary in Spanish for my own use in parallel, so be patient. I'm still partly over there.

The general review goes as follows: vacation trip to northwestern Patagonia, starting on the late afternoon of Sunday, January 6, ending on the early afternoon of Thursday, January 24. Places where I spent nights (except buses): Malargüe, Neuquén, Junín de los Andes, San Martín de los Andes. Other places where time was spent: the road (of course), San Rafael, Villa El Chocón and the stony beach of its reservoir, the Lanín National Park (lakes Huechulafquen and Paimún), and Hua Hum near the Lácar Lake. Companions: two, male, for most of the duration of the trip, until their desertion three days before my return. Experience gained: lots, very useful for future trips already planned. Money spent: quite a lot for my standards, but well spent and with no regrets. Pictures taken: about 2,400 (including a lot of useless shots and others merely testimonial, obviously).

This doesn't do justice to the trip, but it will do for starters. In the meantime, please check out my Flickr photoset "Vacaciones 2008". I'm uploading the pictures in small batches to avoid clogging the Internets.

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