04 January 2008

Goodbye for a while

My online life has been pretty much inactive lately because of the holidays, and especially the terrible heat; it's difficult to do anything during the daytime, and for the most part I've been shifting to a routine of sleeping four of five hours at night, going to work, returning home under the scorching sun, having a light lunch and then dragging myself back to my room to get three more hours of sleep and/or reading light fiction while the afternoon rages at temperatures over 35 °C (that's 95 °F in FFU), then sometimes using the small pool in my garden to cool the fire, and finally having dinner as the sun comes down at an artificially late hour. During all that time I don't use the computer much; the room it's in has no air conditioning, so I keep the PC on only as needed, for short periods.

And now, I'm going on vacation next Sunday, so you'll have to learn to live without this blog for about three weeks. I'll begin by revisiting Malargüe in southern Mendoza, and then proceed to Neuquén, Junín de los Andes, and possibly the small town of Piedra del Águila by the Limay River. It's doubtful that I'll have Internet access or the time to use it during that time, except in Neuquén City, so you'll have to wait to read my report and see pictures and stuff. Don't miss me!


  1. I'm sorry but I will miss you. Well, at least your posts :-)

    Have a great time off!

  2. Bon voyage!
    We'll keep an eye on the politicians while you're gone.


  3. Anonymous16:20

    Enjoy your trip. I am looking forward to reading about your trip (pictures included)when you get back.
    ATP in Rosario

  4. Anonymous04:02

    Buenas vacaciones Pablo!!!
    SFO:Is not Terminéstor is Kris now so keep both.
    Juan F.
    Buenos -y cálidos- Aires


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