21 August 2007

Extreme makeover

Needless to say (well... needless unless this is the first time you visit this blog) I've changed the layout and design of D for Disorientation. It's been more than a year already! I don't think it's the best possible design, but I don't have the time to write an entirely new style sheet and test it a thousand times, and Blogger doesn't offer many templates of the kind I wanted.

This layout does what every well-designed webpage layout should do: it stretches to cover the whole screen, instead of relying on fixed widths for each of its parts. It takes more effort to design, sure, but it doesn't restrict your content to flow inside a rigid 800-pixel-wide column. Most people now browse with a screen resolution of at least 1024×768. I now have plenty of space to post big, full-width pictures, and to illustrate paragraphs with smaller ones, and the side bar has extra room as well.

I've also added some words about me, and (gasp!) advertising, besides placing the PayPal donation button in a more visible spot. We'll see if that works. Although I don't do this for money and I don't really need to be paid to keep me babbling about myself, it sure helps on other fronts.

The "social network" buttons that allow visitors to bookmark, review and recommend this site are also easier to spot now. Do use them.

And that's it for now, since I haven't done anything in Real Life after what I reported yesterday. Damn Real Life.

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  1. Another aging face of Argentina succumbs to the knife.

    I know that attracting attention is important, so I guess we can’t complain. There’s just so much eye candy on the web nowadays, that it’s difficult not to stray.

    Stretched and enlarged, more full-bodied, a new lighter “skin”. What’s not to like?

    But always remember: Fronti nulla fides.



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