09 August 2007

Advertising on a trip

My reading: If you buy stuff from us, you may win a bike! The bunny on steroids will bring it to you in front of your school, so you can show it off to your friends. Unless the bunny scares the hell out of them.

I don't deal with funny ads, or even with pictures in general, in this blog (I do try to bring to you some artistic pictures at Vista Rosario — which you should visit, by the way — I mean every day). But this really freaked me out. The Argentine advertising industry is known internationally for its quality, but when a blunder is to be made, it will be a blunder like none other.


  1. Hahaha! That's hysterical.

  2. Probably the school kids would be asking the rabbit where to score some roids, cause he looks so buff. Anything would be better than the cast of Floricienta who seemed to overwhelm kids’ stuff for a while there.

    I did my daily trek to Vista Rosario, but there was only yesterday’s picture.




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