10 May 2008

I'm still here

I haven't posted anything here in a week, but I can assure you it didn't seem like that much. Somehow this week has passed like a breeze. I've been feeling a bit sick; I went to the doctor; I stayed home editing pictures; I started working on a software project plus website in the afternoon; I went to an art exhibition (works by León Ferrari; the link is to my coverage in Spanish for Alerta Religión); I paid a visit to my girlfriend's parents for dinner; I spent hours at the office developing a little reference system; I overnapped; my Internet connections (home and workplace) failed repeatedly. So that's why I didn't post.

That, and the fact that things haven't changed a great deal around me. Inflation keeps going on; the government continues to be desperately stupid; the farmers are back on the roads. We haven't had any more smoke from the islands, and fortunately we're outside the reach of the volcanic ash plume from Chile which is already hovering over Buenos Aires.

Given that my spare time is going to be drastically reduced, expect fewer posts in the near future. Don't give in to despair — I'm still here.

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