10 November 2006

Getting all springy

Blooming Jacarandas
OK, so I got a bit jealous of Robert and Miss Cupcake and went to take my own pictures of Blue Jacarandas in bloom. What you see on the left is Belgrano Avenue in Rosario; a few blocks behind the place is the Flag Memorial, and to its left (100 m away) the Paraná River. And living in the buildings you see across the avenue is very, very expensive. Of course, everyone loves being near the busy downtown but not in it, and enjoying a view of the wide river, so construction companies with a lot of money to invest are trying to get their hands into this part of the city before anyone else, as you can see in the other picture. That's the Torre Aqualina, the newest and most ambitious development in town, where the high price of real estate has caused a construction boom; in some parts of downtown you need to watch out all the time for things falling from the heights of a building under construction (or demolition) and walk on the street because the sidewalk is completely blocked by debris, tools and trucks unloading bricks.
Torre Aqualina
Regardless of this mess, the city is looking good... in parts, and everyone's happy with this except, probably, the owners of the apartments located in the building just west of the Aqualina Tower (no more vista al río for you!). Spring, which makes a messy city all the more bearable (works for me at least), is coming with ups and downs; after days of intense heat, a sort of tropical storm comes and everything becomes gray and wet and suffocating, then the skies clear, cold weather sets in for a week..., and now it's getting hot again. You absolutely need something on your back in the early morning besides a T-shirt, and you absolutely need to remove it by noon. With those changes in temperature plus the pollen of many species floating around, I'm happily sneezing and with a runny nose the whole day, but hey, it's spring.

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  1. Anonymous11:57

    Your allergy symptoms will be mine in the fall. Fortunately, spring doesn't bother me. But I'm not looking forward to the palo borracho blooming in March. Achis! :)

    Your first pic is great! I was thinking about taking some more today, but maybe I'll do some writing instead. Enjoy your weekend! Abrazo.


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