10 September 2007

My news

If you're wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, the answer is: I've been doing other things. First of all, and most importantly, I got myself a website (a real, personal website, with a domain name and all). It's still quite empty, and I'm not revealing here where it is, since I'm trying to keep a low profile on that. I'll be dealing with sensitive topics (religion, politics — the kind of thing that ruins dinner tables when brought up) and I don't want to be immediately associated to them. You might say this is already what I'm doing here, but this is just a small blog hosted by a free provider, in a language that effectively isolates me from my everyday environment. My bosses and most of my acquaintances don't read this blog.

I've wanted a website for some time, and I wasn't really doing anything about it because I was busy with my blogs, and because I thought it would be expensive. Not prohibitively expensive, but then I'm not going to make money out of it. However, I was under a wrong impression. Web hosting, today, is available at a ridiculously low cost and with reasonable quality even in Argentina. And if you're content with a .com.ar domain, there are no additional costs.

Anyone with a minimum of imagination will be able to guess my identity from my website. Just going to nic.ar should suffice. (If you can't pick up that hint, well...)

Another reason why I haven't blogged as of late is that I started jogging again. The weather has been warm and wet, not a pleasure, but better than the cold, for me. So several afternoons I could've used for blogging were spent on jogging and stretching. I don't live really close to any suitable jogging circuits, so I have to spend some time going to and returning from it.

And finally, as I promised in my last post, I don't want to bore my readers to death with more politics, and since politics is all over the news these days... I'll do a summary of that soon.


  1. Pablo -

    On your own website, will you be writing in Englilsh or Spanish?


  2. Spanish, mostly.

  3. Anonymous14:06

    Hey Pablo!
    How's it going? I am a web designer, and when I bought domains with remote server hosting, it would cost me maybe 30 dollars a year. Now I have a client who lives in a south american country, and just to register the domain name (he wants it to be in the country he lives in, not .com or anything like that) it's $180 dollars!!!! I was shocked!!!

  4. US$180 to register a domain? No hosting? What country is that? Argentina's .com.ar domains are free. Hosting a small site is very cheap too, starting at 30 pesos per year (less than US$10). You get two MySQL databases and 2GB of space; not much if you want fancy multimedia stuff, but considering you can have all the heavy images and videos in external sites for free, it's a good deal.

  5. Anonymous14:47

    The country is Chile, maybe it's only directed for yankees or something, but that's not a bad deal for the .com.ar it has php installed also?

  6. It has PHP and ASP. With IIS, not Apache. Why, I don't know.

  7. Anonymous15:34

    haha, well if they are setting it up and doing the maintenence, and paying the outragous liscense fees, just give me phpmyadmin and they can use IIS all they want!! But that is unique that they would offer both ASP and PHP in the same package because most people only use one or the other.

  8. Anonymous21:44

    >>>The country is Chile

    It's called fresco de raja in Chile, that's way too much. To register a domain you shouldn't pay more than $20/year, although you have to pay for two years upfront (again, fresco de raja). Last I checked there was only one registrar, nic.cl. Even at what it costs it's way too expensive and why the hell would anyone want a dot cl domain?


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