19 September 2007

Haunted swing not haunted that we know of

The news today: remember the "haunted swing" in the city of Firmat? The swing that swung itself? Well, a group of qualified professionals from Buenos Aires, called Visión Ovni (yes, that means "UFO Vision"), after intensive field research, has concluded that the swing does not move due to any known physical force. That means, they explain, that there are no measurable electromagnetic fields or alterations thereof, and the swing is made of normal material, the ground under it is just the same as in the rest of the neighbourhood, the wind is not doing it, etc. It doesn't mean, they remark, that there's a paranormal phenomenon involved.

I wouldn't really trust a group of people with a name like that to do scientifically serious research of anything, but at least they seem to be honest and to the point: they've found nothing. Of course, the twisted little minds of the paranormal freaks will turn that innocuous statement into "This is something outside the purview of science and of normal human experience! We were right! Let us dance and praise the Beings of Light from the fifth dimension!". Or something like that.

Again you'll have to forgive me for not writing more... not that I feel really guilty or anything. I've been putting my effort (including the collection and commentary of outrageous news) into my website. I reckon that it may become what I want, structure-wise, in a couple of weeks. Much of the difficulty lies in making the structure solid and the support mechanisms behind it as automatic as possible, so that I can care about content and forget about the little quirks of HTML and CSS. Not to mention the major quirks of PHP and the sometimes mysteriously erratic behaviour of MySQL.

In case you didn't know, my website can be reached also by an alias domain — just spell out the names of my initials (in Spanish) and add the top-level components. If it were in English, you would just go to PeeDeeEff.com.ar, for example. Again I ask, let me play my little game.

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