07 April 2007

In the midst of oblivion

OK, the title is pretentious... but I'm enjoying a four-day extra-long weekend, courtesy of Argentina's Catholic heritage, and I haven't felt like writing, really. Things haven't changed much.

It rained again, and a few dozens of people are still waiting to get back to their flooded homes. It also rained north of here, where the situation is much worse. April tends to be rainy, unfortunately, so this emergency will probably carry on for some time.

Back here, I started jogging again. My right leg is definitely feeling funny, but not in a painful way. I'm doing my usual circuit along the north-central coast of the city (6 km total, with a pause in the middle) and I hope I'll regain by breath soon... The heat is much less than it was only a month ago, and the mosquitoes are slowly disappearing. We do have bugs — in fact, we're being visited by a species I'd never seen before:

This guy is a member of the same genus (Diptera) as the common mosquito, though it's technically not a mosquito but a fly. Its actual color (in daylight) is grey-greenish. The darker stripes are clearly visible, but only in the picture it's possible to see some faint plumes along the antennae. It doesn't bite. These things were so strange for us here that even the newspaper devoted a short article to them. They are Chironomidae or chironomids, aka non-biting midges.

On an unrelated note, there was some horrible police repression of a demonstration in Neuquén; a teacher participating in a peaceful protest demanding for a salary raise was shot with a tear gas capsule practically at point blank and died within hours. Neuquén is ruled by a rightist proponent of trigger-happiness who is (was?) also running for president. As significant as this is, it's all in the media, and it's not finished yet, so I'll wait a bit to comment on it.


  1. Anonymous20:34

    Great blog and very informative about Rosario.

    I Know you are a friend of Miss Cupcake and am disturbed that you allow Yanqui Mike to post here as he has critisiced her extensively in his posts and his friend Mercedes Stuart has devoted a whole blog attacking this most beautiful woman.

    Have a look at this terrible post which Yanqui Mike endorses various times through his blogs


    These two people are very unfair to her

  2. It´s a pity you still publish anon comments in you´re blog...
    Una pena, hermano, esta gente es tóxica...

  3. I’d actually forgotten it was Easter this weekend. The candy displays in my local supermarket changed to the Easter theme directly after Valentine's Day in February … But at least I had a visit from the Easter Bunny today!

    Pablo, I’m glad that you’ve been able to resume running. What was the outcome of your diagnosis of functional scoliosis? Is it thought that strengthening your muscles with exercise will correct the misalignment?

    Take care.


  4. Hi 99, I understand, but mala leche eventually finds its way always.

    My scoliosis: yes, the doctor said it's a matter of exercise. For the time being I'm planning to make up for the lost time and get into shape again; then I'll see what else (besides jogging) I can do.

  5. Anonymous10:56

    Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of all Argentinians and I do not agree in censorship for our thoughts and feelings good or bad.

    Mercedes Stuart yankee mike and co are trying to scare foreigners living here to censor our thoughts .
    Its strange that one of them calls himself a democrat and what he is doing is the anthesis of democracy.

    We need people like you Pablo as your blog teaches us so much about this country and especially Rosario which most people in Cap Federal have been ignorant about .

    Keep up the great work

  6. My opinions about Mike, Mercedes, Miss Cupcake and other bloggers I keep to myself. I won't be forced to choose whose blog I link to or whose comments I publish.

    If you really appreciate this blog, don't use this unmoderated comment space to campaign against other people.


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