24 April 2007

Expats in Rosario

This is in response to a question posted by Sergio yesterday about American expats in Rosario. I'm not going to attempt a list of expat bloggers à la Bloggers in Argentina, or a list of foreign residents (there are specific forums for that). However, if you're an expat, American or otherwise, living in Rosario (or at least a tourist on an extended visit), it'd be nice to know. This will help those who want to meet someone who speaks their own native language, or just talk about the oddities of Argentine culture with someone from the outside.

Myself, I'd personally like to know how many people from abroad have chosen Rosario to live, and why. Most expats land in Buenos Aires and settle there, for understandable reasons. Why do some venture into the wild interior?

Please comment on this post to make yourself known. State your name, where you come from, how long you've been staying in Rosario, and whatever else you think may be of interest. If you're at all interested in meeting other people, say so, and provide an email address (do it as "username AT domain DOT com" or some other obfuscated way to avoid being targetted for spamming by address harvesters).


  1. Wow. I'm having a hard time believing that there are no comments yet!

    I too am fascinated to know about expats in Rosario as well as in other parts of the wild interior.

    Before the flete from Chacarita finally arrives, I would like to spend some time living in other cities in Argentina...Rosario is one of those places.

    Come on! No expats in Mendoza, por ejemplo?

  2. Hi Pablo, I've been to Rosario quite a few times.

    I would think, (from what I've seen) an expat could be comfortable there.

    The biggest thing in Rosario for me personally is not the flag of the monument Pablo. The biggest thing in Rosario for me is THAT bowling alley you guys have! You know the one Pablo. The one down there across from the Burger King.

    It's a wild guess but I'm thinking that has to be the best bowling alley between Bs As and Atlanta Georgia. Your lucky to find a bowling alley sometimes in Argentina but when you find one of that quality it becomes a landmark.

    I don't know if you have ever been to the States Pablo but that bowling alley is as good and in many cases better than any bowling alley in the States.

    You should put some pictures of it on your blog sometimes.


  3. Hi Pablo,

    I know of at least one expat through the BANewcomer's site. He just posted recently. I have sent him a link to your site. We will have to see if he appears.

    Frank E. Almeida

  4. Anonymous21:24

    Hi Pablo I am an expat living in Rosario.... I have been here for over 2 years now. From my experience so far there are not many expats here at all. Got to say I dont mind that much would rather have the life of Rosario with no expats than live in BA with loads. I have never been that much of a city person. I have a blog about my life here its notmuch and am slowly biulding it.
    http://uk.360.yahoo.com/awatkins3624 have been reading your blog and its a lot better thanmine LOL....

  5. Anonymous23:38

    I'm looking at Rosario and Cordoba specifically because I could find no other expats.

    Why do you think I want to leave the USA?

  6. Anonymous23:39

    Yeah guys I live in Rosario from Scotland, I already know Andy and some other guys from the UK. Don´t mind cathing up anytime.

  7. Hey there are quite a few expats from the UK in Rosario.

  8. There is a bunch of us expats in Rosario.

  9. Anonymous15:22

    Be really to keen to get in touch with people living in Rosario - my boyfriend and I are thinking of there as our next move. We're currently living in Brazil... clarebearwalker@yahoo.co.uk



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