28 August 2006

Smoking ban

No smoking! Since today, you can't smoke in public enclosed spaces in Rosario. If you're caught smoking, you may receive a fine, and the owner of the bar, restaurant, or wherever they caught you will also receive one.

The whole province, indeed the whole country, is moving towards that sort of prohibition, which I find a very wise thing to do. We're lucky enough to have a free public health system, and of course nobody should be excluded from it, but if you smoke like a factory chimney for 30 years and then get sick, I don't want to pay for your lung cancer treatment.


  1. I had a strong debate with a smoker here:


  2. Very interesting! People turn paranoid very quickly when their vices are attacked, it seems. It's also funny to witness how libertarianism self-destroys when you place a mirror in front of it. :)


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