27 August 2006


There's a reason why this blog is called "D for Disorientation". I feel that there are many things to say and show, and I'm a little scared about the scale of it. But you have to start somewhere, and disorientation is at least better than desperation. Or destructiveness. Or demon worship. Or the delirious ramblings of Deepak Chopra.

Enough of this. I'm a young man born, raised and living in Rosario, Argentina. I like to play with words. It's easier in English than it is in Spanish, my native language. I also like taking pictures of things when they're a) funny, or b) historical, or c) significant to many. You'll find some of that in my Flickr page. Finally (actually not, but for the moment) I like to read newspapers and vent my rage at the news publically. You'll see some of that too.

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