15 July 2007

Back from the north

I came back to Rosario today at around 9 AM. I haven't been able to do much since then — I unpacked my mess, took a long hot shower (more on that soon), unloaded my photos, talked to a couple of friends to catch up, shared lunch with my family. I fear there won't be an end to the blogging once I start telling you about the many different things that I saw during my vacations in Misiones, but I have to start somewhere.

So I'll do more or less what I did in January regarding Mendoza. This post will be only for the general stuff. That would include the following factoids:

  • It rained or drizzled a lot most of the time, and it was unusually cold for a subtropical place. Then it also snowed in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless I had a terrific time, mostly, and came out of it without even a common cold.
  • I took a lot of pictures. Given the aforementioned bad weather, many didn't come out as I expected. There are many places that don't look as good as they are when not lit by unmitigated sunlight.
  • I was cold all the time... People in Misiones probably don't need hot showers often.
  • I think I'm in love with the city of Oberá.
  • I think I'm a luxury travel whore. I enjoyed being pampered by the bus company and would buy their overpriced tickets anytime without protest.
  • Misiones' famous red earth gives everything a nice warm touch, but red mud is not nice at all.
  • Paraguay doesn't have a café culture.
  • You can do a lot with very little money, but not without time. I need longer vacations.
Bear with me until I get myself in order, and I'll tell you about my adventures one place at a time... starting tomorrow.

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