09 September 2006

Did you know...

  • ... that Mauricio Macri is a huge tilingo (from the DRAE: unsubstantial person, who says stupid things and behaves affectedly)?
  • ... that the Parque de la Independencia might be declared a National Historic Monument?
  • ... that Carlos Menem just came out of a serious medical checkup and said "for the thousandth time" that he will be a candidate for president again in 2007?
  • ... that the cover of the online edition of Clarín is always devoted to ephemeral sports-related non-news, even as retirement pensions have just been raised, NATO kills 40 people in Afghanistan, and Carlos Menem announces he'll be a candidate for president???
Well, if you didn't know, you've just learned. This is just to get you to wonder about the vastity of your ignorance. There.

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