20 January 2009

An expat writes from Rosario!

Mark is a retired US citizen who has been living in Rosario for four and a half years now, and seems unlikely to leave any time soon. He writes An Expat's View of Rosario, a blog which I'm sure you'll find interesting.

Mark actually asked me what I thought about another expat blog and I said I'd love to see it, since it would be (that I know) the only one of its kind written from Rosario. It's brand-new, and so far it contains the typical starting posts of expats' blogs: what's so good and bad about Argentina, the troubles of moving to a different country, the bureaucracy, the dirt, the landscapes, the people. Do pay a visit, leave comments and suggestions, and ask questions. You now have another English-speaking insider in Rosario — take advantage of that. (I can't be everywhere all the time, you know.)

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  1. Hey, Pablo. I just read another blog today, from a US citizen living in Rosario...

    Let me check...

    Here you go!

    A domestic disturbance, by Meag.

    I very seldom leave comments, but I still read your blog daily (OK, whenever there's a new post) :-)

    Gabriel, from Waterloo (Canada)


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