16 June 2008

80 years of Che Guevara

Too tired to write it all down now, but here are the pictures I took during the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the birth of Ernesto Che Guevara, quite possibly the most famous citizen of Rosario. It's an embedded Flickr slideshow. If that doesn't work, try 80che: 80 years of Che Guevara. New pictures may be added tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Che!!!

  2. Anonymous03:20

    I lived in a communist hellhole. Dissenters were killed or sent to uranium mines, the country was surrounded with barb wire and any trespassers - in or out - were shot. Basic items, like most fruits, vegetables or toilet paper were considered luxurious goods and mostly available only to the communist elite.

    Che Guevara was a mass murderer. It is sad that he still has so many fans.


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