04 November 2007

Bloggers in Rosario

My brother was just browsing the morning (dead-tree edition) news and he ran across an article about Rosario BlogDay. What do you know: D for Disorientation and Vista Rosario have appeared in La Capital! D for Disorientation is an oddity, says La Capital, a Rosario-based blog in English, while Vista Rosario is one of the many photoblogs in the city.

La Capital, Señales, 4 November 2007

The article in the newspaper supplement Señales also mentions Rosario... antes y después, a collection of old and new pictures of Rosario (old black and white photos of urban landmarks paired up to present-day pictures of the same), compiled by my fellow Rosarigasino, Facundo, and El Mundo Como Yo Lo Veo, by Lisandro, yet another photo-colleague — who sometimes reviews tech devices or other blogs, but usually stirs controversy with his takes on pseudoscience and superstition.

Friday's post (Bloggers outside Buenos Aires) received a couple of comments that I want to note because, they made me realize (once again) how far this blogging thing can go... JMO (an Argentinian, I guess) writes telling me that he found me via my brother's role-playing blog, and Melch from the U.S. tells me he'll be staying in Rosario for a couple of months (and not in BA, in part, I understand, because of my post). I've been found like this by a number of people and now even the big old-fashioned ink-and-paper media are paying attention to the local blogosphere and to what we citizens have to say. It's a nice feeling.


  1. Pablo -

    Congratulations on your mention in the local press. I can't quite figure out whether the article's author thought your blog was an oddity because it was in English, or because of its content ... :-)


  2. Anonymous00:25

    ...I would say a little of both, heh =P

    Yes yes, from Rosario too.

    Congrats for such a nice feeling!

  3. Anonymous05:39

    Thank You Pablo,

    For your comment on blogging outside of BA's. I hope this leads to people from elsewhere in Argentina to take up blogging in English.Purely because it markets the country as a destination for both ex-pats and tourists.

  4. Hey Pablo! Congratulations! I feel a stupid commenting in English,so lo voy a hacer en cristiano: Grande Pablito!!!!!!!!
    me siento muy orgullosa de tener amigos tan talentosos como lo son vos, Lisandro y Facundo. Me puse muy feliz al ver la noticia.
    Un beso grandote y adelante!

  5. Anonymous00:42

    Orgullo Cono Sur!!!

  6. Pablo,

    Congrats! I have said it before and I will say it again. I really like your blog. You deserve the recognition.

  7. Well deserved, your blog is excellent. It's been in my links section for months, I just hope somebody actually came here from there.

    Best regards,


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