11 October 2007

My photos

I've been asked, and I should've posted them before, so: these are the pictures I'm contributing to the Rosarigasinos exhibition (you can see all of the pictures in Flickr group that was just created: Miradas rosarigasinas).

Desde la terraza

Patio Parada en grises

Super invierno

We obviously have no entrance fee and no way to tell how many people are visiting the exhibition, but at least we had exposure, and a local cable channel interviewed one of the group's founders last Tuesday. I did my share of word-of-mouth advertising as well, at the vernissage of a friend's art exhibition later that day.

I've been doing other things in the meantime... but my mind is in that other place!

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  1. Pablo –

    Interesting choices. Although I am surprised that “Smoke on the Water”, or “Invierno interminable” didn’t make an appearance.



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