23 June 2007

Comedy night

Just a quick post, weekend style... Last night I went to see a troupe of comedy actors, The Jumping Frijoles. They do an improvisation show on the line of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, only they're not televised, of course... and they have no props, not even a chair, or any music whatsoever. According to their website, they've been doing this for five years. It really shows. They're very good most of the time. Some individual performances were not terribly good at times, but the whole was hilarious.

The setup for this is a stage at the bottom of a bar called Berlín, a place I knew from earlier nights as an underground den of vice and/or hellhole, which has turned into something much cleaner and professionally run lately. There live shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and you can eat cold and hot snacks and sandwiches or drink good beer and fairly nice wine too; as the night progresses you can go downstairs (in this case literally underground) to the dance floor.

So we arrived, were brought to a table, and munched on a couple of hot sandwiches. Someone left pieces of paper and a pen on the table for us to suggest titles for the skits. We filled them in and returned them, and we received pompons on plastic sticks, two per person, one green and one red, for the vote — since the Frijoles assemble two teams for each skit. The show was, as I said, very good most of the time, especially considering a team only has 15 seconds to deliberate on what to do after they get the title.

I don't think the Frijoles do shows elsewhere (their site says "Rosario and some nearby towns" only). So if you're passing by the city and you want something funny to do before going to a disco, check if they're on schedule!

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