20 March 2007

News flashes

PS, yet important: As of today, I'm moderating comments. This will surely detract from the dynamic nature of this blog, as your comments will be visible hours after you posted them, but then I don't like being made fun of. This is not a matter of free speech — this is my blog, so there's no such thing as free speech here. This may last for a week or two, or forever. Thanks.

This is just a quick glimpse at the news today, since I haven't had the time to compose a post... Going from international to national to local to personal:

  1. Theologian Jon Sobrino, who was recently notified by the Pope about certain mistakes in his works (such as making Jesus look too human, or not spiritually removed from the world enough), said he won't acknowledge the note and won't correct his books, because the correction is just part of a persecution against Liberation Theology that has been going on for 30 years.
  2. Just as Argentina was about to pick up another fight with Uruguay, the Uruguayan minister of Health denied that she'd said Argentina is withholding information about the dengue fever within our territory. She was apparently surprised that we had so few... It seems that the littoral of the Uruguay River is full of Aedes aegypti larvae. There are now over 200 cases of dengue in Argentina, 7 of them autochthonous (locally infected, not brought from Paraguay or Brazil).
  3. The public teachers of Santa Fe Province are back to negotiating with the government for a raise. They made the children lose a week of classes already, and they were told those days will be discounted from their salaries this month, so they won't go on strike again for now.
  4. The taxi fee in Rosario is going to rise, if everything goes well, this Thursday, when the Deliberative Council approves a bill. It will be closer to the cost of a taxi in Buenos Aires, only of course most of our taxi drivers don't work nights, Sundays, or holidays. The Council is going to require taxis to implement some sort of security measure (yes, they have to make it a requirement — taxi drivers complain they're being mugged and robbed all the time but you have to force them by law to adopt a simple security measure such as a bulletproof glass or a "panic signal") and the owners of the taxis will be required to have properly registered employees as drivers.
  5. As a result of the above, I'm taking even fewer taxis. My leg problem is apparently not caused by my knee, but by something else, according to the doctor, so once fixed I'll get back to my bike, I guess.
And that's it for today.


  1. Anonymous19:54

    It is unfortunate that some poor fool is hassling you, as many of us greatly enjoy your informative and insightful blog. Several stories lately on the web about how the anonymity of the internet lends itself to nastiness on the part of troubled individuals. Hope this passes soon.


  2. Anonymous21:24

    I too join Mike in hoping that this is something that quickly fades - who would want to bother and pester you? - what an idiot! aguanta rosarino - somos contigo! Roberto desde Miami

  3. So the taxi drivers now won't have to worry about getting too much work since they'll be more expensive. And they'll be getting more per mile. Perfecto!

    Do you have to give up jogging and revert to riding your bicycle? Are there good places to ride in Rosario, and how dangerous is the vehicular traffic for a cyclist?



  4. Thanks for the support!

    Yes, as I said once, the taxi drivers and owners seem to be doing fine, as they prefer decreasing the demand rather than increasing the offer. Note there's a difference between drivers and owners. An owner can have several cars at once, and for each one owners may subcontract several drivers and not do any actual work themselves. Some drivers disagree with the owners in some respects, such as the security measures, but they're in the minority.

  5. Oh, and regarding my bike... I had an X-ray today but the doctor will see it tomorrow. Regardless of whether it's the knee or some other part of my leg, if he doesn't give me a solution I'll have to give up jogging. With the buses and taxis being so expensive, it makes sense for me to take up the bike, though my leg may punish me for that as well.

    Biking in Rosario is not very safe... Downtown, the traffic is terrible, and the streets are too narrow. Elsewhere it's simply "every man for himself". Traffic in BA is a paragon of orderliness and respect compared to this.

  6. Pablo,

    I also want to add that I do enjoy your posts. I look forward to your comments and getting to know Rosario a little a time through your comments.

    I hope you keep up your writing and wish you well with your knee.

    Saludos from Buenos Aires,

  7. Anonymous10:50

    why are you so sensitive?
    Of course is YOUR blog and you can do what you want, but why overreact to a comment like mine? You are putting yourself out there with a blog, nobody is forcing you, so as long as there is no insult or disrespect for anybody, just deal with it!
    You and I know that I wasn't disrespectful or insulting to you neither to your blog. By implying so, you are not being truthful to your readers.

    Of course you are not going to publish this comment, but you and I know that it was nothing more than a simple question for you to elaborate.

    If you want more foreign readers in your blog, you need to grow up because the world is not "color de rosa"... otherwise you will be stuck with 2 or 3 readers making the same type of comments over and over...

    And last, do not lie... it will catch up with you eventually.


  8. Gabby,

    As you see, I have published your comment. You still haven't explained to me what you find to be inconsistent or contradictory. You said I'm not to be taken seriously, and now you say I'm lying. Please back that up, or this time you'll really have the dubious honour of being the only person banned from this blog.

  9. I read the comments that led you to moderating your blog. They were very unfair.
    Estoy con vos rosarino.

  10. Hi Pablo.

    I don't blame you. I think in this day and age people have to moderate their blogs. No matter what the topic of the blog is.

    You never know when some nut is liable to publish child porn links on your blog or something! Really!

    Gabby is right too though, don't be scared off by critics. Write what you want. People like that even if they always don't like what you say I think. You've seen my blog, what I write and the pictures I put on. Imagine the flak I get sometimes.

    Like Gabby said, we are putting ourselves out there so it comes with the territory. Expect it and accept it. Even Jesus had his critics right?!

    I always publish my critics if they are making a point. I don't publish stuff like..."Your an ass, chau." That's all they write sometimes. What's the point in publishing that?!

    So yeah, you have to moderate but don't be scared by a couple critics either Pablo. Don't change your style of writing, I like it.


  11. Mad_Maxx, rest assured that I don't intend to change my style. I don't have a problem with some nice heated debate, but I do have a problem with distorsions and lies. Attack my reasoning, and you're OK. Attack me, and you're out. You didn't get to read half of what Gabby said.


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