31 December 2006

Old Year's balance

I can gratefully say that, of all the important things that happened to me during 2006, most are good things. In roughly chronological order:

  1. I spent 10 days in Mendoza (you have to know the place to understand how much this means) and I made a true friend of one who had so far been only a funny acquaintance.
  2. I got changed from one office to another — farther from my boss, and closer to good workmates, who remember your birthday and spoil you with medialunas.
  3. I got myself a broadband connection!
  4. I turned into a manic amateur photographer right after getting my digital camera, and I loved it.
  5. I travelled to Córdoba City for Easter's long weekend with friends and noticed a few nasty things about myself (yeah, learning hurts but it's good).
  6. I went to lovely little Colón, Entre Ríos, and though I arrived alone, I didn't feel alone at any time while I was there, thanks my host and several wandering folks like myself.
  7. I started this blog, and several interesting people actually read it!
  8. I went to a wedding party in Concordia, Entre Ríos, and because of someone else's bad planning I ended up having a whole day to walk around the city.
  9. I got a salary raise and was finally taken out of a bizarre "temporal employee" category where I'd been for 3 years.
  10. I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 3, in Buenos Aires, and it felt quite easy, plus the bus trip was funny.
In general, I went to new places, and I did the social circle dance — made friends, said good riddance to some. In comparison, the bad things were few and scattered and mostly they didn't happen to me, but around me. The really bad things had to do with ideas that have been rotting inside my brain for years, and I'm taking care of them (I think). Bad things that did not happen to me were:
  1. I didn't get mobbed because I don't care for football.
  2. I didn't get ripped off because I refused to.
  3. I didn't get forbidden from smoking because I don't smoke.
  4. I didn't get blacked out much.
  5. I didn't get blockaded though I may have.
  6. I didn't get preached.
  7. I didn't get hailed on out of sheer luck.
  8. I didn't get pesoificated because I've never had dollars in the bank.
The bad thing right now is the heat, almost 34 C and it's only ten minutes to 8:00 PM. That will be solved in time... Everybody, have a nice New Year.

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